Daniel Seitz Consulting - Advising Nonprofits, Associations and Higher Education Institutions

daniel seitz consulting

Advising Nonprofits, Associations and Higher Education Institutions

Meaningful, Lasting
Organizational Change

Daniel Seitz is a leader in guiding nonprofits, professional associations and higher education institutions in meeting needs, anticipating change and shaping the future direction of their organizations. Drawing on his extensive experience and knowledge, he helps clients to:

  • Clarify organizational vision and mission
  • Develop strategic plans and goals
  • Establish programs within organizations to respond to changing needs
  • Found new organizations to address societal needs and foster professional success
  • Create structures and policies to support effective leadership
  • Gain professional recognition through standards development
  • Understand and successfully meet accreditation and regulatory requirements
  • Facilitate communication and shared vision among stakeholders
  • Address critical internal and external challenges

    Daniel Seitz, JD, EdD
    244 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230
    (413) 528-8877; danseitz@verizon.net