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Areas of Expertise

Daniel Seitz can help your organization with:


New Program Development

To stay relevant organizations need to expand existing programs and create new ones that address changing needs. Evolving societal trends and emerging fields also demand that entirely new organizations be created to support them. Dan has assisted organizations in envisioning, planning and implementing programs and initiatives, including a new school of acupuncture within a chiropractic college, a new nutrition education accrediting agency, and new certification and accreditation processes for an international yoga therapy organization.

group facilitation

Facilitation is the art and science of bringing out the best in groups. No matter how talented and committed a group is, effective guidance and an understanding of group dynamics are needed to achieve optimal results. Dan provides professional facilitation to groups such as boards, committees and advisory bodies to accomplish their desired outcomes, whether to address an organizational challenge, develop a strategic plan, or create new programs.

complementary and alternative medicine Education

Complementary and alternative medicineoften referred to as integrative medicinehas transformed the way health care is sought and delivered in the US and worldwide. Dan has led many initiatives at the forefront of this healthcare evolution over the past 25 years. Schools and associations in the fields of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, yoga therapy and nutrition have all benefited from his knowledge and guidance.

Nonprofit governance and management

Nonprofits are involved in some of today's most forward-looking endeavors. Without thoughtful structuring and effective governance and management, an organization can be impeded from fully realizing its mission. Dan has helped nonprofitsincluding an international service organization, a community television station, an educational organization that promotes peace, an institute of psychology, and numerous complementary and alternative healthcare schools and associationsto reorganize, redefine and reinvigorate to better deliver valuable programs and services.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Organizations often need guidance navigating the requirements of regulatory agencies and private accrediting bodies. Dan has helped numerous organizations understand and successfully meet regulatory standards and use these external standards as a catalyst for promoting internal organizational excellence. In cases where an organization has fallen out of compliance with specific requirements, he has assessed the situation, provided advice on appropriate changes, and helped the organization effectively engage with the regulatory agency to reestablish good standing.